• TriState Turf Supply We can work with you to customize your own business turf or ornamental program.

  • TAKE CARE OF YOUR LAWN AND LANDSCAPE You want your lawn and landscape to be as beautiful as possible. Tri-State Turf Supply can help with all your lawn and landscaping needs.
  • "REAL" PROFFESIONALS Tri-State is comprised of “REAL” people who understand your needs to grow your business. We’re not sales people, we’re partners, here to help you grow.
  • CONVENIENT Tri-State has placed our locations where we can best serve YOU. We also offer delivery service and can arrange times convenient for YOU!
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE Let’s face it, your business is all about customer service and we want to offer the best possible customer service for you. Our industry is very spontaneous and sometimes requires spontaneous decisions. We’re here to help you through the chaos!
  • Knowledge! Tri State's trained staff is ready to answer any quesion about their products and how they can help you.


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Our Company

We sell a variety of wholesale lawn and trees chemical products for your landscape or tree and lawn business.


We carry a variety of standard fertilizers. Any fertilizer can be made and there are custom blending policies. We take a lot of pride in our products and carry standard fillers as well as organic fillers to enhance your soils and microbial activity.


We carry a broad spectrum of pesticides, including herbicides, fungicides and insecticides for all of your needs. Our products are made by numerous companies and we can find anything to suit your problem without over applying unecessary chemical.

Lawn Products

We carry a variety of grass seed blends and mixtures. We can also custom blend special requests although we probably have something very close or similar to your needs. We carry everything for sun, to shade, to sun and shade and will help you to choose whatever you needs to make a picture perfect lawn. Most blends and mixtures contain high NTEP quality rated seed and we are happy to discuss NTEP reports with you at any time. We carry a wide variety of combination fertilizer products for crabgrass pre-emergence, insect control and broadleaf weed control for spreadable situations or if this option of application is your preference. We can provide programs for you with all of our products and would like to speak with you about any of your needs or requests.